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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dangerous Bacteria in your drinking water from water vending machines

PETALING JAYA: The water you buy from vending machines may not be as clean as you think.
Twenty-nine samples of water were drawn from such machines throughout the Klang Valley – and almost all were contaminated.

There were harmful E. coli, Coliform and Clostridium perfringens microbes – the same kind of bacteria found in untreated sewage.

Coliform and Clostridium perfringens are also the same bacteria found in human and animal faeces.

These bacteria can cause cramps, diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal problems.

The Star conducted the tests together with Forum Air Malaysia, an organisation formed to assist the National Water Services Commission. Forum Air Malaysia tested 14 samples in April while The Star screen 15.

The samples were from vending machines here and in Subang Jaya, Cheras, Klang and Kuala Lumpur.
Under Malaysia’s Safe Drinking Water Act, there should not be any trace of Coliform or E. coli in drinking water.

Forum Air research and policy executive Jesslyn Pek said it was worrying that many of the samples did not have traces of free chlorine or fluoride, which are chemicals needed to kill bacteria in water.
“From the tests on the 14 water samples, six were found to have either Coliform or E. coli – and did not contain any free chlorine or chloride,” she said.
“Free chlorine must be present, because it is a disinfectant,” Pek said.
“There are standards to determine how much free chlorine is needed to be used to treat water, but as it cannot be detected at all in these samples, it shows that an insufficient amount was used.”

In the tests conducted by The Star with an accredited lab, all 15 samples tested positive for Coliform and Clostridium perfringens.

Water vending machines are found in office and residential buildings and universities or colleges.
People prefer to buy this water as it costs only about 20 sen a litre compared to bottled water, which can cost more than RM2 for the same amount.

Article from the Star online 19 Aug 2014,,,

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mala 's Alkaline water filter changed to a Seagull IV water purifier





Mala was reffered by another happy customer Viji who had her Seagull IV installed before Deepavali.

Mala's concern was that her existing alkaline water filter was costing too much in filters, using electricity but more important, had cables and hoses running everywhere. I forgot to take a shot of her unit, placed on a ledge above the sink. To get the water, you will need to hold up your glass as high as your head and catch the water before it spills on the kitchen counter top!.

Mala was so happy to get the Seagull IV installed the next day after the family had tasted the difference in the water. Purified water is sweet and smooth and very light to drink.

I got to admit it - it really makes the kitchen so beautiful as there are no more electricity cables needed, or waste water hoses running from the ledge and draining into the sink.

Seagull IV is a point-of-use water purifier that meets the EPA guidelines and qualifies as a micro-biological purifier - able to remove 99.99999% of all viruses, bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals in your drinking water - up till the last drop. If you can remove all these impurities in the water, then certainly your water will become alkaline.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Viji searched for 3 years for the best water filter and found the Seagull IV water purifier

Viji a dear friend took 3 years searching for a water system and was totally confused. Finally she allowed me to do a Seagull IV water purifier demo at her home and the next day, was a proud owner of a Seagull IV water purifier faucet model. Does it look so beautiful on the counter top?

Most people are like Viji - confused and waste lots of money changing water filters every 2-3 years, because they want a low initial investment, forgetting about low yearly maintenance costs of filters and most importantly the best quality water money can buy - direct from their kitchen / bathroom taps.

Stop wasting money on water filters that can only reduce contaminants in the water, but invest once and for all, in a Seagull IV water purifier, which can REMOVE 99.99999% of all viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals in the water - up till the last drop.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Amy's 20 year old Seagull IV reconditioned

Amy wanted to re-condition her 20 year old Seagull IV water purifier to install at her mom's home in Ipoh.

After just 2 hours, and changing 8 parts, this Seagull IV water purifier is looking brand new and will serve her mom for the next 20 years.

Parts that were changed include the pre-filter top, hose, 2 connectors, divertor head, pre-filter gasket and cartridge outlet pipe and donut - total cost RM315.

Seagull IV - aka Nature Pure X-1D series - will outlast you and your next generation easily. Why waste money buying a filter that you need to change every few years, when you can invest in a EPA certified Micro-biological water purifier - able to remove 99.99999% of all viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals in the water - consistently till the last drop.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Seagull IV installation at Kluang, Johor

Had lunch with Michelle in JB recently and she was looking for the best water purifier for her home in Kluang, Johor. Being in the accounts line, she made an intelligent financial decision to install the Seagull IV diverter unit water purifier, due to low maintenance costs, infrequent filter replacements (after 3-5 years) and 10 year warranty on the surgical steel unit.

Don't get confused by all the claims of water filter companies. The best water for your body is spring/mineral water. The water your body needs should be oxygenated and with dissolved minerals, but without viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals in the water. This water should be slightly alkaline in nature. Seagull IV water purifier can REMOVE 99.99999% of all the impurities in the water, consistenly until the last drop - before you need to change your filters.

Please read carefully the claims of water filter companies - some say can reduce only, not remove. Seagull IV meets the EPA guidelines of a micro-biological purifier - able to remove 99.99999% all viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals in the water.

If you are in the Klang Valley, call me to see a demo how the Seagull IV can even remove clorox - the father of chlorine in the water instantly.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Seagull IV faucet model installation at Mrs Paskaran's home at Subang

Another happy customer Mrs Paskaran, with her Seagull IV faucet model successfully installed at her renovated kitchen in Subang.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seagull IV live demo in KL home - instantly convert dirty tap water into safe, clean, delicious drinking water


Here's a Seagull IV live demo from my KL home turning dirty tap water into safe, clean, delicious sparkling spring water - all without the use of chemicals or electricity.

Seagull IV - the only water purifer passed by the EPA guidelines and certified the only micro-biological purifier - able to remove 99.99999% of all viruses, bacteria, cysts, heavy metals and chemicals in the water - up till the last drop.

How expensive is the health of your family and the 2 kidneys each has?. Before your kidneys and liver clogs up, get the external water purifier from Seagull IV today.

Email me at or call Kraal at +60122837979 Mon-Fri 10am to 10pm.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Your liquid Assets

Don't compromise on the water you, your kids and your parents drinks and cooks with daily for years and years. Protect the 2 filters in your body that work all the time - your kidneys.

Get a point of use Seagull IV water purifier from General Ecology, USA - the only EPA certified Micro-biological purifier able to REMOVE 99.99999% of all viruses, bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals in your water - up till the last drop.

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Cheers to your good health, with delicious and sweet spring mineral water from Seagull IV.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

How the Pre-filter and Cartridge in Seagull IV purifier works

How the Seagull IV Water Purifer differs from the rest of the water filters in the market

The Pre-Filter is the 1st step in the Seagull IV purification system.

Has a 10 micron absolute hole size to remove sand, mud and sediments 100%.

This Pre-Filter is washable and you will do it, when the water flow reduces.

The Structured Matrix Cartridge is the key to enjoying 99.99999% purified water.

Stage 1 of 3 removes 99.99999% of all bacteria, cysts, viruses and water-borne parasites.

Some filters will only state their smallest hole size, but not the biggest. The Seagull IV Structured Matrix cartridge has a hole size of 0.1 micron with the maximum hole size of 0.4 micron absolute. Meaning all the beneficial dissolved minerals in the water can pass through.

Stage 2 of the Structured Matrix cartridge removes the dissolved dangerous chemicals in the water, including chlorine, herbicides and pesticides which always contaminate our drinking water source.

If mud can get into our tap water, so can all contaminants. Especially since our water pipes run under roads, farms and industries. After stage 2, the water has no more chemical smell.

Stage 3 of the Structured Matrix Cartridge removes 99.99999% of all heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic & asbestos. This stage make the water crystal clear.

The end result, is that you can now enjoy safe Live Spring Water as nature intended - fully oxygenated, full of dissolved organic minerals, and sweet tasting.

If you are in Malaysia, contact me to invest in the Seagull IV today. Call +6 012 2837979 or email and your family and office colleagues will surely improve their health by drinking such delicious water.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Changed a 7 year old Pre-filter and Cartridge at PJ

I received a call from an old friend Prabir and he wanted to change his Seagull IV pre-filter and cartridge. It was good catching up with him after 7 years and seems his maid was complaining that water was dripping out of the Seagull IV.

Within 4 hours, I had changed his Seagull IV Pre-filter and Cartridge and we were having tea and talking about old times. How time flies, but he was so happy his unit was working at 100% efficiency, with a flow rate of 4.4 litres per minute and the unit was still shinning after 7 years.

Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten, and in the case of this Seagull IV was was installed in 2004, not only the owner, but also I was happy to have a satisfied customer who is now a friend.

It's good to recommend a quality product, and friends will thank you for it, even after 7, 10 or even 20 years. After all, my Seagull IV is already 20 years old, and still working perfectly.

So invest in a Seagull IV today. Price in Malaysia is RM 2,997 including installation in the Klang Valley or free 1-2 day Poslaju delivery service for orders outside the Klang Valley.

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